Meditation Programs

Meditation Programs

All the programmes cut across the barriers of sex, nationality, religion and belief. We offer meditation courses

Omni Healing- Total Bliss

Omni Healing- Total Bliss

Omni Healing-Total Bliss is the first book on Omni Healing System developed by Sameer Kale himself.

Ramal Astrology

Ramal Astrology

For Ramal Astrology solutions, please give us 3-4 days time so we can provide you best possible solutions.

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Welcome to Omni Holistic Center, Center for Reiki , Meditation , Ramal Astrology and much more....


Omni Holistic Center

Omni Holistic Center offers different healing systems based on non traditional methods without medicine and without side effects for all acute and chronic problems on all levels like Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Aura and Spiritual etc. The Omni Holistic Center is an organisation which conducts reiki and meditation programs from time to time in India and abroad. It started its operations from 11th Dec’98. In this period of time, we have conducted lectures, seminars and healing sessions at different places in our country”.

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Learn to heal yourself and others. Become a Master of your own life and help yourself to develop in a majestic way. Learn different reiki and meditation programs from International Grand Reiki Master Dr.Sameer Kale who holds many achievements like Gold Medal, Shiromani Award, Gem of the Alternative Medicine Award, Eminent Physician’s Award and above all Man Of The Millennium Award

Omni Anugrah

Omni Vichar

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Omni Saitva

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Traditional Reiki

The Traditional Reiki was developed by Dr.Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan in the 19th century. This system was rediscovered from the “LOTUS SUTRAS” of Buddhism. Dr.Mikao Usui was enlightened at the Kuriyama Mountains in Kyoto and he passed his knowledge to Dr.Chujiro Hayashi. Then in this Lineage, M’dam Hawayo Takata, M’dam Phyllissis Furumoto, M’dam Paula Horan,M’dam Barbara Szepan etc. also joined and contributed their services towards the development of the Traditional Reiki. This system is also known as “Usui Shiki Ryoho” in Japanese Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy which is everywhere. We trap this The Human body and the chakra system acording to Hindu Mythology cosmic energy into the chakras and this process is known as the ‘Attunement process’.