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This is a new and advanced system of Omni Prabhav (Gem Therapy), which has been

created through my guidance and meditations. Here the meaning of Omni is universe and Prabhav means Effect.

It has been designed in such a way that anybody can learn how to work and charge any Gemstone for the betterment of the people by using a healing symbol and Sanskrit mantra for complete relaxation of mind, body and soul.

It is safe for everyone and any condition.

It is based upon the energy of the gems and their effect on our body and chakras.

It balances the energy centres called the Chakras.

It coordinates with Yin and Yang energy.

The Omni Prabhav system is for those who wish to work with Gemstones and their energy for Clearing the bad effects of planets associated with our body. Every gemstone comprises yang and yin energies. This energy matches with our Chakras energy when we wear them in specific metal ring or necklace. Metal’s energy is first coordinate with stone’s energy and then finally, the combined effect of these two coordinate with our Chakras energy. The ultimate effect depends upon what kind of gemstone we wear normally. So, it is very necessary to know which gemstone is better for us.

This program is designed just because to meet curiosity of millions of people. Everyone believes in Astrology and astrologers usually suggest us different stones from time to time.

You can also charge any gemstone with one symbol and mantra provided in the program. This symbol and mantra is activated with the help of initiation or Attunement received in this program.


The best part of attunement is that you get personal initiation i.e necessary for you and it make you safe from all negative energies. So, in other work energy protection is provided in each attunement