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Omni Sai Sutra

In the Omni healing system emphasis was on yang or universal energy or cosmic energy whereas in Omni sutra healing, yin or earth’s energy or mother energy was important. Both the systems have symbols and mantras to channelise the energy for our benefit mainly on physical , mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, karmic and aura levels. In Omni system, energy flown in downward direction that was quite opposite in Divya sutra system being yin more powerful in upward direction. 

Omni Saisutra system is again based upon guidance and messages from Shri Shiv Sai and in physical form from Shri Satya Sai directly to me. This new system will be helpful to clear all negative odds even on karmic and aura levels like Divya Sutra system but with more power and ease. The energy form in this system is mainly the yin energy and it coordinates well with yang very quickly and may be more faster than Divya sutra-I energy. The working is entirely different as it doesn’t have any symbols and we use just some mantras to channelise the energy for our betterment 

Like Omni Sutra system, you’ll find this system very cool and energetic and sometimes you really don’t feel anything even if so powerful energy flows through your palms!!

It is just because of its very very fast clearing of negative odds on all levels altogether and so many a times, we don’t become a direct witness to this energy feeling. Satya sai explained this situation in very simple words “feel your presence and only then you feel this energy.