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Omni Hast Shastra

Omni Hast Shastra is most recent and very new system of Omni. It was developed by Sameer Kale of OMNI HOLISTIC CENTER , Bhopal ( India) on 20th May,  2019. Its first Attunement was received by Stephanie Jones of Malindi Center in Wales, UK.

Our hands are very powerful. They have lot of potential and energy. In this system, Omni means Universe, Hast means Hands and Shastra means Literature or Science....

This system includes the energies of Yang, Ying and Shivanand. Shivanand is Spiritual form of Sameer Kale. 

With Omni Hast Shastra, one can work on Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Karmic, Aura and Spiritual Levels. While working, we use our palms and finger tips in this system. 

Come forward to have powerful energies and learn how to heal yourself and others in easy way.....

Distant Attunement is possible for those who are unable to come to Omni Holistic Center. I believe that energies are necessary to channelize and they must reach at right time and right place. So you can learn on distant as well....